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Pegler Yorkshire takes the heat out of the Thermostatic Valves Market with two valves in one

As a recognised innovator and market leader in the field of Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV), Pegler Yorkshire has once again responded to changing regulations...

A TMV Can Make Sense of Part G

Following years of campaigning by charities, trade organisations and manufacturers, the government has now announced that hot water safety will be addressed in the revised edition of the Building Regulations, Part G.

New TMV for Pegler Yorkshire

The South Yorkshire based Pegler Yorkshire Group continues to invest in new technology, with several new product launches planned for this year, including a new Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) range, backed by millions of pounds of investment in new machinery throughout the business.

Reduce Water Wastage With Optiflush

In these days of increasing concerns over water conservation, the Optiflush from Pegler Yorkshire can make a real difference to saving water. Suitable for all pressures from 0.05 bar to 12 bar, the Optiflush can reduce water usage by up to 80%.